Isang YUN Trio

Ensemble which dedicates its main focus to the chamber music work of distinguished Korean composer, author, who had been concerned in formation of the post-war European music avant- gard. Isang Yun Trio is in international context an elite group of leading Czech soloists. When the collaboration of Kateřina Englichová and Vilém Veverka started in 2005, one of theirs priority goal was to perform the music of Isang Yun. It is only logical that they, after approximately 5 years, joined together with the young cellist Petr Nouzovský with the intent to devote themselves systematically interpreting music of the 20th Century, especially the work of Isang Yun. The ensemble launched its activities in 2010 with the debut recital at the prestigious International festival Prague Spring. This unique combination of oboe, harp and cello offers an exclusive combination of colours and utterly rare potentialities of chamber music interpretation. In another words one could say that it is, in the best sense of the word, a unique "advocacy"of contemporary art...

Kateřina Englichová
one of the Czech most signigicant and sought after harpist these days, graduated from Prague Conservatory (led by Libuše Váchová), geeting as much as she could, Kateřina finished her studies at the prominent Curtis Institut in Philadelphia (in the class of Marillyn Costello). Her cooperation with the Philadelphian Orchestra, conducted by such conductors as Simon Rattle, Ricardo Muti etc. was the real enrichement of her research fellowship in the USA. Many significant musicians have cooperated with Kateřina Englichová so far in her well-respected professional career, such as Josef Suk or Mstislav Rostropovič and is much favoured professional partner of chamber music groups (Kvarteto Pavla Haase, Pražákovo kvarteto). As a solo player, she also cooperated with all eminent Czech orchestras and conducters (Jiří Belohlávek, Zdeněk Mácal, Jakub Hrůša). She has performed at many festivals, mainly in Europe, but also in the USA or Japan. Furthermore, she has regularly conducted master courses in Europe and also overseas. Can not be omitted, that since the year 2005 Vilém has intensively cooperated with the harpist Kateřina Englichová. Performance of the music of the second part of the 20th century has become the main aim of their mutual cooperation. Their repertory includes all fundamental concerts for oboe, harp and orchestra (W.Lutoslawski, F.Martin, A.Schnittke, H.W.Henze, I.Yun) and essential chamber compositions. In the year 2009 they launched their first CD project, called „Risonanza“, together with pianist Ivo Kahánek, for label Supraphon. This project is dedicated to the Czech music after the year 1945. To the last projects of a great interest also belong their common debut at the famous Prague festival, Prague Spring (Pražské jaro) where with the cellist Petr Nouzovský the performed significant compositions by Isang Yun, or more precisely by authors of the postwar avant-garde period...

Vilém Veverka
one of the Czech well recognized oboists these days, as well as Kateřina, Vilém also graduated from Prague Conservatory (led by F.X.Thuri) and Prague famous Faculty of Music and Dance (HAMU) (led by Liběna Séquardtová). Very similarly as Kateřina Englichová, he finished his studies abroad. In years 2000-2005 Vilém attended classes of Dominik Wollenweber at Hans Eisler University of Music (Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler) in Berlin. His further steps which broaden his skills and reassured his education gained, led to famous Berlin Philharmonic (Karajan Akademie) and he also attended private classes of the word-famous oboists such as (J.-L. Capezzali, M.Bourgue, H.Schellenberger, A.Mayer, H.Holliger). In years 1998 and 2000 - 2002 Vilém performed as a solo Oboist in Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchester. In the year 2003 Vilém won one of the most prestigious oboe competition - Tokyo / Sony Music Foundation. As a solo player Vilém performed in most of the European countries, as well as in the USA, in the South America and Japan. He also debuted at the „Rheingau“ festival, in the year 2010. Along with Kateřina, he also performed at festivals such as „Carinthischer Sommer“ (2008) or „Haydnfestspiele Eisenstadt“ (2010). Even though his repertory includes also baroque and classicist compositions, his domain is mainly the music of the second part of the 20th century, or more precisely, the music of present-day. As a first Czech oboist he performed or recorded very significant compositions of such authors as L.Berio, M.Kopelent, W.Rihm, B.A.Zimmermann etc. Work of a great importance is then interpretation of the music by Isanga Yun. Up to the present day Vilém has performed seven chamber compositions for oboe of this author, as the first Czech oboist ever. Vilém is an official member of the group „Buffet – Crampon France“

Petr Nouzovský
is the youngest of our interpreters and already belongs to the top among the Czech cellists in the incoming generation. After graduating at the Prague Conservatory (led by Jiří Bárta, Jan Páleníček) and Prague famous Faculty of Music and Dance (HAMU) (led by Jiří Hošek, Miroslav Petráš), he finished his studies in Dresden (led by W.E.Schmidt) and Madrid (led by Iagoba Fanló). Further he led his play to perfection at the many foreign master courses he attended (M.Rostropovič, David Geringas). Of a great importance for his career was a debut at the Prague Spring festival (Pražské jaro (2005), where he performed also in years (2007, 2009) and remarkable was also the invitation for the festival (Piatigorsky Seminary) in Los Angeles (2005). He is a sought after solo player as well as a chamber player. His recording activity can not be ommited. One of the contemporary most significant author Marek Kopelent dedicated his opus „Zleva do prava, z prava doleva“ to Petr Nouzovský and Vilém Veverka, in the yea r 2008. Since that time both of the above mentioned interpreters have cooperated at the field of contemporary music. Petr Nouzovský plays at instrument Jean Baptiste Vuillaume from the year 1835 and is a scholar of the foundation „Oscar und Vera Ritter Stiftung“ in Hamburku.

Selection from the Repertoir
Isang YUN – Espace II for Violoncello, Harfe und Oboe
Isang YUN – Rufe for Oboe und Harfe
Isang YUN – Duo for Oboe und Harfe
Isang YUN – Ost-West Miniaturen for Oboe und Violoncello
Isang YUN – Sonate for Oboe, Harfe und Violoncelo
Isang YUN – Glissés for Cello solo
Isang YUN – Piri for Oboe solo
Isang YUN – In Balance for Harfe solo
Isang YUN – Duo for Violoncello und Harfe
Isang YUN – Etuden for Cello solo
Eliott Carter – Trilogy for Oboe und Harfe
Marek KOPELENT – From left to right, from right to left for Oboe und Violoncello
Marek KOPELENT – Cantus Rogans for Violoncello solo
Muraille SCHAFER – The Crown of Ariadne for Harfe solo
Ernst WALLY – Eutherpes Tanz for Oboe und Harfu
Luciano BERIO – Sequenza VII for Oboe solo
Arvo PÄRT – Spiegel in Spiegel for Violoncello und Harfe

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